It takes an incredible amount of people to host the Night to Shine and make our guests feel incredibly special. Volunteer orientation will be provided on day of event. Please click to the right to register ==>

*Please consider donating $30 to help us pay for a guest's meal, $100 to fund the full cost of hosting a guest, or any amount you're able. This is not required to volunteer, but will greatly help us in funding this incredible experience for our guests.

Here's how you can help make each guest feel loved:

Buddy Escorts
This is one of the most important jobs at the prom and one of our biggest needs! As an escort, you are responsible for taking a guest on your arm as you show them around prom. You'll escort them to get dinner, karaoke, get their hair done, play games, and of course, dance! It's the job of the escort to ensure that your guest has an unforgettable experience! We need mature (must be at least 16 ), patient, loving people to serve as escorts.

Champion Volunteers
You'll welcome our guests as they walk the red carpet with cheers and photo flashes. All members of the paparazzi are asked to bring a flash camera or flash on a smart phone to give this experience a real red carpet feel. Additionally, you will act as our 'cheering section' as our guests sing karaoke.

Medical Team
We're looking for nurses, doctors, medical students, or anyone else in the medical field that would be willing to donate their time for our guests. You would be available if one of our guests has a medical need.

Security Team
You'll work during prom to respond to various needs of guests, volunteers and team leaders. This is command central, keeping everything running smoothly. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be traveling all over the facility as need arises.

Welcome guests as they arrive to the hotel! You'll be just inside the doors when guests arrive to make sure they are paired with their escort and receive a name tag.

Karaoke Room
We need a few fun, outgoing people to host one of our karaoke areas.

Set Up & Tear Down Teams
We need volunteers willing to arrive early to help set up or stay late to tear down and clean up the event.


1. VIP Registration: Volunteers who donate $30 or more will have first rights to register as a Buddy or Champion Volunteer.

2. Private Registration will open for anyone who has volunteered at an All-Stars Club event within the past year.

3. Public Registration will open for all remaining spots.

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